Relaxation Massage helps to reduce stress, improve circulation, ease and tone muscles and provide the deep relaxation that allows the mind and body to recharge and rejuvenate.

Seated Massage

Mini Seated Massage  _________ (5 Minute Treatment) - $10

Our Mini Seated Massage is a quick on the go teaser treatment for areas like the Neck & Shoulder.


​Express Seated Massage _____ (10 Minute Treatment) - $20

Our Express Seated Massage, a great sampler treatment that focuses on the Shoulder, Neck & Scalp.


​​Classic Seated Massage ______ (15 Minute Treatment) - $30

Our Classic Seated Massage is a pick me up treatment for the Back, Shoulder, Neck & Scalp.

Signature Seated Massage ____ (20 Minute Treatment) - $40

Our Signature Seated Massage is an ideal duration to recharge,

focusing on the Back, Shoulder, Neck, Scalp & Hands

Table Massage

Express Massage ________ (30 Minute Treatment) - $60

Our Express Massage is a quick on the go treatment which includes a Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp or Upper / Lower Legs and Feet​ massage.


​Classic Massage ________ (45 Minute Treatment) - $90

Our Classic Massage is the good ol' fashion treatment for a full body massage.


​​Signature Massage ______ (60 Minute Treatment) - $120

Our Signature Massage is a grande experience for the ultimate treatment. A full body massage focus deeply to heal you from within and out.

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