Say bye to dry lips

Don't you hate lips that are crack or flakey, cannot stop yourself from picking it till they're sore. Here are some tips to get those lip back into order.
Here are our dry lip remedies
1. Drink lots of water. What's the daily requirement again. Oh yes 2 litres.
2. If you love lipsticks as much as us and you wear it on a daily basis. Remember to remove every trace of it by the end of the day. Just like removing your make up.
3. Exfoliate your lips. This can be done once a week and it's so simple.
Help shift any dead skin cells on your lips and make your balms work better.
This can be done with a soft bristle toothbrush or baby/kids toothbrush (when lips are wet of course) and gently brush in circular motion all over.
Use a face washer and gently rub in circular motion.
Pat dry before applying nourishing balm.
*Best to be done before bed time.
4. Find a lip balm that loves your lips as much as you love it. This all comes down to personal preference and the severity of your lips.
5. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, use a SPF lip balm. Even lips needs to be protected.
xx Glamco Team