Which one you should be wearing. Blush or Bronzer

Adding colour to your complexion, but not sure between these 2 choices. Blush or Bronzer.

A sun-kissed look

Go for the bronzer, if you would like a glow that looks like you just came back from the Bahamas . If you choose one with shimmer it will give you an instant hit of radiance.

Apply bronzer below your cheekbones, around your jawline, by your hairline and on your nose and chin. Remember to lightly dust your neck, chest and decolletage.

If you want to contour:

Make sure the bronzer is free from shimmer or glitter. The natural hue will bring out your angles, while adding warmth to your face.

Apply the powder in the hollows of your cheeks - starting the temples by the top of your ears and bledning the colour down to the corner of your lips. You can also apply the colour on either side of the bridge of your nose and at your temples.

If you want to look awake:

Apply a pink and peach blush for a natural look. Keep the colour light and not too pigmented for a natural finish.

If you want an overall natural finish:

You can use both

Make sure you don't go overboard with how much you apply and remember to blend the colour in properly.